About Us​

We, at Red Bat SEO Agency, are an international team of SEO nerds from a range of different countries, including Estonia, South Africa, Turkey, The Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya, The United Kingdom and The United States.

We are united by a keen interest in SEO and a strong desire to see how our small daily actions can have an incredible effect on our clients’ E-commerce businesses and livelihoods. 

Our Main Goal

Our main goal is to provide a win-win-win solution through SEO. 

Win #1 – You, the e-com business owner, get a highly profitable marketing channel that will bring in a consistent amount of new sales to your business every month. 

Win #2 – Your clients will be able to find your web store through Google and order good products that satisfy their needs and desires.

Win #3 – We get to earn a living by doing what we love while helping good businesses grow and prosper. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you, an e-commerce company owner, to set up a highly profitable marketing channel that will continue to bring in new clients consistently, every month.

We believe that people have the biggest impact in the areas they are the strongest in.

You focus on your products and servicing your customers while we take care of your organic search results for you.

We will reward your trust in us by doing everything in our power to make SEO your most profitable marketing channel. 

Why Do We Only Serve the E-Com Niche?

We started out as an SEO agency that provided services to everyone that wanted to grow their business and thought that SEO could be a good strategy to achieve this. 

Through our work, we managed to gain massive wins for clients in many different industries, including software, fashion, pets, and e-commerce, to name a few. You can see our case studies of client successes from our old agency website here

However, the more clients we onboarded, the more we saw how difficult it is to offer a high-quality service in so many different sectors. We would have to learn the ins and outs of each particular client and their industry.

This meant having to hire writers with different backgrounds. To learn and train our editors, link-builders and SEO strategists about the delicate nuances of different industries to be able to achieve significant SEO results and ROI for the clients.

We soon realized that in order to provide the best possible service and be the very best at what we do, we would need to choose one specific industry, research the SEO best practices within the industry and see what the highest-ranked websites are doing differently. 

One major factor in deciding on the e-commerce niche was the fact that e-commerce stores have one of the highest returns on investment from SEO. If we managed to get one of our clients ranked in the top 3 for one of their key categories, the clients saw massive results in the amount of new visitors and sales. 

Also, one of our biggest successes was an e-commerce company that now beats Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and the biggest names in their industry in organic rankings. This has helped them reach over 1,000 products sold per day.

Focusing on the e-commerce niche would mean that we didn’t have to double-check with each client to make sure that SEO is a potentially profitable marketing strategy to follow. We already knew that our services would provide massive value to the e-commerce store owners that trust to work with us. 

All in all, we want to have a significant positive impact on the lives of our customers and we feel highly confident that we will achieve that for the e-commerce business owners that will trust us. 

Our Management Team

We currently have 15 team members in total, including content writers, backlink builders, SEO strategists and optimizers.

Here’s an overview of our management team and account managers who you will be in contact with:



Head of Content


Head of Link Building

kati ecommerce seo


Head of Strategy



Head of Client Relations