Red Bat Agency's Terms of Service

Last updated June 27, 2023.

Here are the Terms of Service for Red Bat Agency’s (company name: Bat L Media OÜ) full-service search engine optimization (SEO) offering to Red Bat Agency’s (from here on out, referred to as “RBA”) clients.


  1. RBA’s full-service SEO offering includes the following services:
    1. Technical SEO analysis.
    2. Technical SEO improvement implementation.
    3. Keyword research.
    4. Existing content analysis and improvement.
    5. Generating new content.
    6. Analyzing internal link opportunities and implementation.
    7. Finding external backlink opportunities and generating the said backlinks. 
    8. Analyzing the client’s existing backlink profile and disavowing any hurtful backlinks.
    9. Reporting on the results achieved and the key activities performed in a given month at least once per month.
  2. We will perform the said services in order of the highest impact and will reserve the right to decide which activities are needed to be completed within a given month. The client is welcome to provide us with their preferences, should they have any.
  3. The client is welcome to request additional services from us, but these might come at an additional cost or at the expense of omitting any of the services outlined above.
  4. We price any additional work that is not included in our main service offering (custom work) at the following rates:
    a. $150/hour if the work is fulfilled by the RBA’s SEO strategist or anyone from the management team. 
    b. $50/hour when the work is fulfilled by any other team member.
  5. In most cases, the cost for any custom work will be included in the monthly service fee at the expense of leaving out parts of the core service offering components, marked in the first section of this page. In the case of mutual agreement between RBA and the Client, the cost of custom work will be added on top of the monthly service fee. 
  6. RBA reserves the right to decline to take on any custom work. 
  7. RBA’s full-service SEO offering is a monthly recurring service where we do a number of the activities listed above with the aim of increasing the client’s organic rankings across all search engines, but mainly for the specific location the client is looking to gain rankings in.


  8. The client pays for the services in advance at the beginning of each month.
  9. The client is allowed to cancel or pause RBA’s services whenever he/she desires. When doing so, he/she will be refunded for the amount that she has already pre-paid for a given month, based on how many days are left within the specific month. For example, if the client paid us $3,000 for the month of December and decided to cancel RBA’s services on the 16th of December, he/she will be refunded for 15 days, which amounts to 15/31, or $1,452 for the month.


  10. In order to better deliver our services, we kindly ask the client to provide us with editorial access to the following platforms:
    1. the client’s Google Analytics account,
    2. the client’s Google Search Console account,
    3. the client’s Google Business Profile account,
    4. the client’s website content management system.
  11. We might request additional account accesses if this is needed to provide a better service to the client.
  12. The client does not have to provide us with the accesses if they do not want to do so. This will affect our service delivery process and/or reporting.


  13. All content generated by the RBA’s team for the client is the intellectual property of the client. 
  14. Part of the images used within the content are obtained from free-to-use stock photo marketplaces and require no attribution to be added, but in respect of good business practice, attribution will be added by default by RBA’s content team. A smaller part of the images will be obtained from media marketplaces that require RBA and the client to assign an agreement to allow the client to use the photos that were purchased by RBA. Prior to using purchased images, RBA and the client will sign a contract with the client that allows the client to use these images on their website.


  15. RBA will not disclose any information regarding the client, the client’s business, customers or any information about the client’s customers to any third parties without the client’s previous written consent.


  16. We send a monthly overview of the results achieved and activities we have performed in a given month. The overview is sent out at the beginning of the following month. 
  17. In addition to our monthly reports, we send ad-hoc reports via e-mail, where we notify the client of any positive or negative changes to the campaign.
  18. We are transparent about our work and results and will notify the client of any important changes as soon as possible.


  19. Our main communication channel is email unless otherwise agreed with the client. 
  20. We aim to respond to all emails within two business days. 
  21. We kindly ask the client to collaborate their questions into a single email instead of going back and forth with each question. This will save us and the client a significant amount of time.
  22. The client can ask for video meetings with their account manager, up to 3 times per month, based on the availability of the account manager.


    Here is a list of services that are not included in our monthly package. However, the client may ask for these services. We will direct the client to the service providers we recommend.
  23. Hosting, website management, maintenance, error fixes or content updates outside of our normal SEO work. 
  24. Pay-per-click campaign management. 
  25. Email marketing services. 
  26. Website design and development.
  27. Social media management.