E-Commerce SEO Service Packages

Here’s an overview of the main E-commerce SEO packages that we offer

Package 2K

$ 2,000
  • 4 Page optimisations/month
  • 4 New pages or blog articles/month
  • 4 Backlinks/month
  • Comes with:
  • + Initial SEO opportunities audit
  • + SEO strategy formulation
  • + Backlink strategy analysis
  • + Monthly progress reports

Package 3K

$ 3,000
  • 6 page optimisations/month
  • 6 new pages or blog articles/month
  • 6 backlinks/month
  • Comes with:
  • + Initial SEO opportunities audit
  • + SEO strategy formulation
  • + Backlink strategy analysis
  • + Monthly progress reports

Package 5K

$ 5,000
  • 10 Page optimisations/month
  • 10 New pages or blog articles/month
  • 10 Backlinks/month
  • Comes with:
  • + Initial SEO opportunities audit
  • + SEO strategy formulation
  • + Backlink strategy analysis
  • + Monthly progress reports

NB! Different service components are interchangeable. All packages will be customised to your specific campaign, based on our initial SEO opportunities audit we perform before launching each campaign. 

Our Service Process

SEO Audit & Strategy formulation

We generate a specific plan of high impact activities for your website.

Strategy implementation

We work on putting the plan into action.

Tracking Results and Creating Reports

We track our inputs and results, and share detailed reports with you.

analysis and adjustments

We review what is working and what is not to make adjustments.

For a more detailed overview of how our Ecommerce SEO process works, see this article.  


No, due to the amount of detail, strategy work and implementation each campaign requires, we can not offer our services for lower than $1,000/month.

No, we do not. No one can guarantee ranking improvements in SEO. 

However, before we agree to work with a client, we analyse their website to make sure that we believe there to be high odds of success from implementing our strategies. 

We only want to work with clients with whom we have high odds of achieving success to make sure that you are happy with our work and get a high ROI. 

These kinds of clients will want to work with us for years and these kinds of relationships are mutually profitable. 

You can cancel at any time, whenever you desire and without giving us a reason for it. 

We will refund you proportionally for the amount of days that are left in the month. 

E.g. if you’re on the 1K plan and you decide to cancel your service on the 15th of January, we will refund $500. 

This depends on the following:

  • how old is your site,
  • how authoritative is your website,
  • the competitiveness of your niche,
  • which package you choose.

But in most cases, we see results within 2-4 months from starting our campaign. 

We look at the following key performance indicators to assess the success of a campaign:

  • organic traffic increase,
  • increase in sales and conversions,
  • ranking position changes of the main keywords,
  • how many keywords the website is ranking for,
  • how happy the client is 🙂

Yes, we do. We never want to put any of our clients’ websites in danger. 

Our goal is to provide long term value, which means that we don’t take shortcuts. 

One important thing to note here is that we never use PBN-s or other spammy link building tactics to boost a clients rankings. This can give a short term boost on the expense of the long term rankings of your website. 

Yes, please read our case studies section here:


Communication is a key element of our SEO campaigns. 

We don’t want SEO to be a mysterious black box for our clients, so we aim to share jargon-free reports of the key activities, successes and failures of our SEO campaigns. 

Our reporting includes:

  • detailed monthly campaign progress reports,
  • concise bi-weekly overviews,
  • ad-hoc success reports,
  • campaign spreadsheets that you have full access to. 

If you have a question that wasn’t answered above, please leave us a message here.

Client Testimonials

Amazing SEO Experts with a comprehensive strategy to build our search engine rankings.
These guys know their stuff and helped us build our brand with some great offsite SEO strategies. We saw our domain reputation improve, backlinks grow, and top search results start to come in. I recommend Gert and his team to anyone looking to build the reputation of their brand and site.”
10/10 - The only resource I need for SEO
The team at Batlinks strategised and executed on our SEO efforts. I feel that their entire team is an extension of our team and they are all driven to help us achieve our goals. Very knowledgeable and friendly, I am continuing to work with them.”