RedBat.Agency – We are an

SEO Agency

We specialize in helping E-Commerce brands grow their
organic traffic↑, sales↑, and profits↑
through search engine optimization (SEO).

Some of Our Client’s Results..

#1 – Achieving quick wins with a tight budget

#2 – Quick growth in users and in the number of organic non-brand conversions

#3 – Achieved market domination for an E-com SaaS

#4 – Significant growth in non-brand organic traffic

#5 – Quick wins from Content Marketing and Link Building

#6 – Traffic and sales increase from fixing Technical SEO errors and building backlinks to important pages

#7 – Happy client feedback message

#8 – Happy client feedback message

#9 – Huge success for an E-com store in the pet niche

#10 – SEO success for new niche e-commerce store

Our Agency Began on Upwork

Gert, our founder, started as an SEO freelancer on Upwork, and we’ve now grown to a team of over 20 people. 

The main reason we’ve decided to focus on the E-Commerce niche is that this is the niche in which we’ve had the most experience and success.

You can read more about us on our About Us page. 

The main reason behind our high success rate.. that we only work with companies where we have a high conviction that the campaign will be successful.

In order to know that, we offer free strategy audits to all e-commerce stores that qualify.